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New Ver. 3.0 Release March 2020

Aesthetically Designed and Feature Rich Developed

Hospital Management System with Business Intelligence

IONIC Hospital is Modern and Complete Hospital Automation Software that suites to almost every hospital or medical institution from patient OPD visits to Operation to Pathology Test etc. It includes 31+ modules with 9 inbuilt users (Super Admin, Admin, Doctor, Accountant, Pathologist, Radiologist, Nurse, Receptionist and Patient) panel.

Version 3.0

New Ver. 3.0 Release March 2020

  • Added Zoom Live Consultation module
  • Added Zoom Live Staff Meeting
  • Added Pathology Test Report
  • Added Radiology Test Report
  • Added Symptoms selection
  • Added Balance Report
  • Added Multi Language active support
  • Added Prescription Notification
  • Added Discharge Summary
  • Added Balance Reports
  • Added new Payment Gateways
  • Added Mobile App supports Android mobile app
  • Added Charge Type CRUD
  • Added Asynchronous Datatable loading
  • Disabled Discharged Patient edit
  • Added Centralize Patient Management
  • Added Birth & Death Module
  • Added Notifications Module
  • Added Print Receipt in every module
  • Added Charges, Payment & Bill in OPD
  • Added Recheckup in OPD for Clinics
  • Added Prescription in IPD
  • Added Purchase Medicine in Pharmacy
  • Added Medicine Selection in OPD and IPD prescription
  • Added Manual Prescription in OPD
  • Added OPD Doctor charges
  • Added option to hide superadmin visibility to other users
  • Added medicine dosage for prescription
  • Added Move to OPD & IPD from Appointment
  • Added Move to IPD from OPD
  • Added Item Unit in Inventory
  • Added Purchase Price in Inventory
  • Added DOB (date of birth) in patient
  • Added Discount x%x Tax in IPD x%x Pharmacy Billing
  • Added Medicine Import in Pharmacy
  • Added Patient Import
  • Added Expiry Medicine Report
  • Added Income Group Report
  • Added Expense Group Report
  • Added Inventory Stock Report
  • Added Inventory Item Report
  • Added Inventory Issue Report
  • Single entry point for patient. Now patient can be enter and select with single patient id for all modules
  • Added Birth and Death Record module
  • Added medicine list in OPD/IPD prescription
  • Patient can be move from appointment to OPD/IPD in single click
  • Patient can be move from OPD to IPD in single click
  • Added Charges, Payment and Bill feature in OPD
  • Added Prescription in IPD
  • Added manual prescription print in OPD/IPD
  • Added OPD/IPD prescription medicine dosage
  • Predefine OPD consultation charges for doctors
  • Added medicine purchase in the pharmacy
  • Added medicine import in pharmacy
  • Added patient import
  • Added printing for payment receipt feature in every module
  • Added all modules in patient panel
  • Added various new reports
  • Added % in tax and discount for billing
  • Added date of birth filed for patient for exact age calculation
  • And many new features are under development…
IONIC Hospital



State Of The Art IPD (In Patient Department) Module

In Patient Department
3 inbuilt payment gateways

3 inbuilt payment gateways

One Click check all bed status visually

all bed status visually
all bed status visually

Automated notification messages for patient or staff using email/sms

Detailed business intelligence reports for 360* view of your hospital

business intelligence report
Database backup restore

Database backup/restore with automated database backup feature

Different themes for front website and admin panel

Different themes for front website
Download Center for staff

Download Center for staff members to upload/download various documents

Enable/Disable modules

Enable Disable modules
Front Office module

Front Office module for managing appointment, visitors, postals, Phone calls and Complaint

Full control over staff user through RBAC based
Roles and Permission system

Full control over staff user
highest 73 languages

Multilingual system with highest 73 languages support and you can add your own

Most Powerful Hospital Charges Module

Hospital Charges Module
Hospital website with appointment

Build Hospital website with appointment facility using
powerful front cms

TPA - Third Party Administrator or Insurance Organisation and charges

Insurance Organisation and charges
Manage all Pathology

Manage all Pathology, Radiology Test Reports in downloadable format

Manage ambulance and ambulance calls details

Manage ambulance
Manage Blood Bank Status,

Manage Blood Bank Status, Blood Issue and Donor details

Manage your calendar and task ToDo List

Manage your calendar
Messaging to staff and patient

Messaging to staff and patient through email/sms

Most Flexible Bed, Ward, Floor Creation Module

Most Flexible Bed
Multi currency

Multi currency with multi date format support

Multi way appointment system, make appointment from online website or offline

Multi way appointment system
Online payment system

Online payment system patient/guardian to pay IPD bills

Manage Major or Minor operations and operation details

operations and operation details
Out Patient Department

Most Efficient OPD (Out Patient Department) Module with One Click Revisit.

Patient Panel to manage their appointments and OPD/IPD

Patient Panel to manage
Pharmacy module

Intuitive Pharmacy module with Stock Management

Manage hospital assets using powerful inventory module

powerful inventory module
Powerful patient search

Powerful patient search in different modules

4 inbuilt sms gateway with custom sms gateway integration support

sms gateway integration support
Staff Complete Payroll

Staff Complete Payroll, attendance and leaves

Supports different timezone

Supports different timezone
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